Monday, 24 December 2012

Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding - Merry Christmas to All!

The Idle Historian constantly laments the increasingly early nature of Christmas accoutrements: the marketing, store displays, decorations, and above all, music being played before its time. But society has determined that we will all get into the spirit early, and there is one arena in which hearing about Christmas long before December 25th is tolerable - food. I started coming across articles about Christmas food back in November - one of them being this piece which states that, in parallel to a longing for all things nostalgic, real Christmas fruitcake and Christmas "pudding," British style, are making a comeback. As one person who devotes a great deal of time to the making of a proper pudding puts it:

It does require some time, but it’s worth it.... All of those three things — the pudding, the cakes and the mincemeat — share those rich flavours of raisins and oranges and lemons and nutmeg. For me, they’re the fragrances, the aromas of Christmas. 

[Traditional Christmas Pudding. Picture via story in The Province]

All well and good. But, alas, our contemporary existence is full of stress, obligations, and other constraints. We don't all have the time to make an exquisite pudding from scratch, despite our best intentions. But even if our treats come from a packet made by others, the important thing this season is to be with family and friends (or have contact with them if they are far away), and to spread joy and merriment. In the end, it is the only lasting thing. So: a very Merry Christmas to all you dear readers, and best wishes for a happy 2013.

Here are two lovely Edwardian greeting cards to bring you cheer:

[A Cherub, circa 1907]

[Carollers, circa 1910]

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Anonymous said...

Please come back.

IdleHistorian said...

Thank you - one will try!

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